illumini decanter

We challenge ourselves to bring to life products that best utilize the natural physical and phenomenological qualities of materials, in both purpose and appearance. As highly trained craftspeople, we aim to create pieces that are both accessible, yet still highly valued. A strong antithesis to the cheap manufacture and throw-away tendencies of modern culture. When we design, we think both of practicality, but also of enriching and adding meaning to everyday existence, looking to the highlight experiences of our own daily lives for inspiration.

To many, what we ingest is given distinctive meaning by what we choose to serve it with. Almost everyone, regardless of background has a treasured set of dishes, serving forks, glasses, or other tableware they bring out for a special meal or drink. This serves to set the tone and lend a sense of importance to the occasion. No matter what their practical purpose, these items can be seen as thresholds from the ordinary to the momentous. In comparison to other utilitarian possessions, we tend to take care of these in an especially reverential way. When not in use we proudly display them on shelves or in glass cabinets, often with the intent of passing them to the next generation, who in turn will do the same.

The Adelaide Hills are renowned for their rich wine heritage, of which we enjoy the fruits of regularly. Everyday we look out from our windows down onto the acres of  beautiful vineyards in the valleys below. Fittingly, glass as an art form has a centuries-old history with the vine.  In our dual roles as designers and glass makers, we hope to add to it by giving a unique perspective into the core dynamics of this complimentary relationship. By featuring the essential process of aeration of wine channeling the most wondrous, yet basic characteristics of the form that holds and serves it, we are raising our cups to the multifaceted significance and transformational potentials of both fluids.


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