holey lights

holey light

The illumini holey light was first prototyped in early 2011 as a part of the JamFactory Special Projects artists program. As JamFactory Glass Studio alumni, we challenged ourselves to experiment with glass as a strictly compositional element within a new design. By setting this objective, we hoped to explore pathways for our glass making outside of the traditional categories of vases, decorative sculpture, and tableware while making use of scrap plywood which had accumulated in our former timber mill studio. The result of the three weeks residency was a hand-made, energy efficient modular lamp, composed of movable layers of laminated timber and glass gently bound by a hidden magnetic latch.

An ambient night light, the illumini holey light strikes distinctive balances of form and material with contour and light, employing an innovative combination of classic and high-tech fabrication techniques. Embedded LEDs give up to 15,000 hours of light and can be changed at end of life.

Establishing a socially conscientious framework for the production of the holey light was equally important as the final outcome. While the mission of the illumini project has always existed in the minimising of environmental impact in the production of studio glass, we are also sensitive to helping create and sustain livelihoods for the members of our local craft and small business communities. In as such all material and technical resources used in the realization of the line were employed, found, formed, and assembled in Adelaide, South Australia.


large and small holey lightsRectangular Holey Lightbaby holey light....rectangleandtriangleholeylights

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