illumini domestic greenhouse 1.0


 Photos by Fernanda Pardo

The illumini domestic greenhouse (version 1.0) was created as a hybrid craft and design plant incubator for the touring exhibition Glass: Art, Design, Architecture, opening at the JamFactory in February 2015. Incorporating elements of all three approaches to making glass, the idea began as part of a self-directed research project into passive greenhouse systems at the University of South Australia in 2013. Conceptualization and prototyping began in Helsinki, Finland with final realization completed at the JamFactory and University of South Australia in December 2014.

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In alignment with solar passive principles, the self-contained growing system is designed to catch its own rainwater, and recycle moisture given off during transpiration and nutrients generated from run-off.


The illumini greenhouse heats, cool, and humidifies naturally using five ventilation points in the glass promoting  the circular flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide. An adjustable sideflap and removable main door help further regulate this system in warmer months. The addition of wheels  at the base allow for the the greenhouse to be easily maneuvered to both fit into tight spaces in limited outdoor spaces, as well as to capture the best combination of sunlight and thermal radiation for the season.

32 Greenhouse materials include marine ply, float glass, and galvanized steel. The building plans for a similar greenhouse system will be available here and on the JamFactory website towards the middle of the year.

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