Karen Cunningham & Mandi King


Obligatory Australian black and white tinny portrait @ Blue Pony Studio

For  years we’ve worked and lived side by side, both in our formal training as glass blowers at JamFactory in Adelaide, South Australia, and also as neighbours in the surrounding foothills. In that time we naturally developed a strong chemistry, bonding over  common visions in our craft as well as lifestyle. In February, 2010 we decided to combine our talents into a special collaborative project called “Illumini” to develop hand-made products that reflected those ideals.

It is our strong belief that we’re part of a movement of young artists who are actively re-imagining the bridge between the worlds of design and craft through our work. Our wares demonstrate successful balances of the best sensibilities both approaches of making have to offer. Intimate and intuitive understanding of material combined with fluency in the clean visual language of contemporary design. Clear vision of function in greater contexts. Appreciation for the maximum efficiency of production, with a vested awareness of the impact of our objects in the world.

Karen Cunningham hails from Adelaide, South Australia and is currently the Creative Director of the glass studio at the JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design Centre. For more information on Karen’s personal work, please visit her website: karencunningham.com.au
Karen Cunningham CV

Mandi King was born in Columbus, Ohio in the United States and is currently a Master’s Research Candidate of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia as well as project coordinator for Bicycle South Australia’s Bikes Palya! outback youth cycling program.
Mandi King CV



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  2. I am an absolute fan of both your work. They reflect an obvious love (dare I say obsession) for the material. The forms are wonderful and the design is contemporary and functional.

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