Side Projects: Cloud Catcher and the Mildura Palimpsest Biennalle #10


Mandi King , “Cloud-Catcher”. 2700 x 1600mm. Made with the assistance of Joanna Hassam and the Mildura Spinners and Weavers Inc

cloudcatcherdetail3small  IMG_1468  cloudcatcheronloom

Cloud-Catcher was developed between May and September 2015 as part of my Master’s research into new applications for traditional craft practice responding to the ecological effects of climate change and as a formal work for the Mildura Palimpsest Biennial #10 on the Victorian/New South Wales border. Based on the poetic concept of harvesting atmospheric water with a net, the hand woven dew-collecting tapestry responds adaptively to both the physiological and cultural dimensions of ongoing hydrological drought in South Eastern Australia.

In a historically water deprived environment, climate modeling predicts that this region will experience even greater aridity in the coming century. With poor annual rainfalls predicted to decrease up to a further 20%, I wonder how populations in this important agricultural region might come to deal with increasingly unhospitable environments.

Cloud-catcher was spun and woven from close to 4 kilometres of clear and white industrial plastic found in the environment between Basket Range South Australia and Mungo National Park New South Wales in collaboration with the Mildura Spinners and Weavers Inc and Adelaide-based fibre artist Joanna Hassam.



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