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Karen’s big project for Sky City Casino

Karen Casino

Karen and a really big blue lampshade @ Jam Factory. Source: News Limited

Over the last year, illumini has branched out in separate pursuits with Mandi in school and Karen focusing on the development of major design projects in the JamFactory Glass Studio.

Karen recently received major coverage in the local press for her role in negotiating, designing, and engineering of a large scale custom lighting project with Sky City Casino in the Adelaide CBD.

“Each light fixing and hanging system had to be comprised of 20 components, not including the glass shade, to achieve the ‘look’ the architects were after. I designed the project to be able to work with local business suppliers. In the past the casino has imported glass from Italy. In addition to all staff and associates, we had to employ extras from the glass community to help out.

The architects vision was for the light shades (between 250mm wide by 430mm high and 300mm wide x 480mm high for large) to be suspended by rope at various heights and the rope to then continue to festoon around the ceiling. The challenge was in providing sufficient structural support for the 6-8kg glass light shades, while keeping the fixings sleek and minimal at the same time as hiding the necessary load-bearing fixtures and electric flex etc.

In order to create them I needed to custom engineer the fixture out of easily machinable parts and existing components that could be altered in-house or locally as the timeframe did not allow me to go to industry for fabrication, also there is nothing on the market that will carefully support the approx 6-8kg of the glass light shades, while allowing tolerance for the hand made variance expected.”

For more information on the commission follow the story at News Limited…..

casino shade   annhealer light shade


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Illumini Glass Design is a new collaberative design effort from emerging Australian artists Karen Cunningham and Mandi King.

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