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The time is near for Design Made Trade

ImageThe moment  we’ve have been sitting on our hands for all year is almost here. We’ve literally been working around the clock making cups, decanters, lights, and a special new surprise (hmmmm what could it be now?) to bring to the show The furniture has been made, the signpainted, and our pop up shop is almost ready to open….. Now for the 8 hour drive to Melbourne.

At DesignMadeTrade, illumini will be presenting to an interstate audience for the first time since Launch Pad, 2010. We are so proud to show everyone what we’ve been up to since then. Fun, meaningful, and most importantly socially responsible design and creativity is alive and well at illumini headquarters, and we’re keen to spread the word.

If you can stop by DesignMadeTrade, it will be on at the Royal Exhibition Hall in Carlton, Melbourne Thursday 19/7 to Sunday 22/7 from 10am-5pm (trade only Thurs. and Fri.) We’ll be looking cool in Stall 25, just behind the JamFactory…go figure.

Thank you thank you thank you to all of the local Adelaide local artists, designers, and suppliers who have helped us put and pull our act together, including especially Andrew Bartlette (display), Caren Eliss (ID) Jaan Poldaas (glass), Jamfactory Glass and Furniture Studios, Computer Cut (routing), Aztronics (electrical), Ashlee Page (video) and the Government of South Australia, Arts SA for providing us the means to attend the show through its Project Funding grant. We couldn’t have done any of it without them.

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Illumini Glass Design is a new collaberative design effort from emerging Australian artists Karen Cunningham and Mandi King.

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