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And the Good Lord said…. “Let there be Illumini Lights!” Or something like that.

Hey hey hey! Its finally here… after almost half a year of tinkering and toiling in our studio, the first collection of prototypes of the Illumini Lights are on display at the Protoyping: Making Ideas exhibition at the JamFactory Contemporary Craft and DesignCentre. Which of course, as you already know,opened last week on 2nd September and runs until  23rd October. If you’re in Adelaide, please take a moment to ch-ch-check it out. As Karen and I were a little too excited to take photos at the opening, you will have to use your imaginations to fill in the visual gaps until we find someone more organized than ourselves to borrow from. We’ll soon get a few pics from the empty gallery so you can see what wonderful job Curator Margaret Hancock and local furniture designer John Quan did in turning this  excellent idea into a reality.

The Illumini lights mark our second production line developed through the JamFactory Glass Studio’s Special Projects project. For their aid and assistance, we thank them once again in helping us to realize our latest vision of creating beautiful design objects that are ethically produced and environmentally sensible. A second thanks are due to the JFCCD Furniture Design studio as well for allowing us to use their tools, equipment, and sage avice to help us get the job done.

The  LED powered lights mark a movement for us into deeper into the world of highly craft functional design objects, featuring glass as an elemental component, instead of the main event, for the first time. With that an array of new of new techniques and materials were used use including casting and waterjet cutting glass alongside found and recycled scrap plywood.  A full description of the inspiration, composition, production, and innerworkings of the lights  will soon make its way to the MenuBar of the blog, but for now here are some images from the various stages of prototyping to completion for you to enjoy.


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Illumini Glass Design is a new collaberative design effort from emerging Australian artists Karen Cunningham and Mandi King.

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