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Let’s Get You Up to Speed.


Hi there! We know it been a longish while between posts, but big things are happening you might want to know about. After you’ve forgiven us, of course.

All good? Get this, Illumini is preparing for not one, but two new group exhibitions.

First up, Prototyping: Making Ideas opens on September 3rd in Gallery One of the JamFactory in Adelaide. This exhibition is a survey featuring the work of diverse emerging and established South Australian and interstate designers including silversmith Oliver Smith, ID-type Bjorn Rust, and our personal favorite, furniture designer John Quan. For more information on what to expect, read the press release from JamFactory here. Please come past. We will be dressed up with no where else to go, and hopefully the food will be delicious.

That’s really exciting, right? But guess what else is?!

Second on the list of things to do, the Illumini Decanter will be featured as part of the Matilda exhibition at London Design Festival, September 17th to 25th alongside of work from 39 other Australian and New Zealand designers including legends Khai Lew and Marcel Siegel. The festival’s website promises more in depth coverage soon. Though this one is big for us, we won’t have the clams to make it across the pond. If you know anyone in the London area that week, have them get a picture ?


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Illumini Glass Design is a new collaberative design effort from emerging Australian artists Karen Cunningham and Mandi King.

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